Corporate Credit Cards

The payables process is evolving... are you?

Many organizations are still spending large amounts of resources to process small, everyday expenditures such as office equipment, supplies and travel expenses. However, that process is evolving and can now be simplified by using the City National Bank Visa Corporate Credit Card.

Simplify the Procurement Process

If your business is still using the traditional paper check process, it may be time to reconsider. There is a simpler way to process everyday expenditures by implementing a corporate credit card program. And, by implementing a corporate credit card process, you actually gain more control – all while keeping your payments integrated and secure.



Set approved user spending amounts

Review + approve monthly spending

Integrate into general ledger

Enhance security with virtual card numbers

Reduce Procurement Costs


Using paper checks to make payments uses unnecessary time, money and paper that can be reallocated to other tasks. There is a more cost-effective way to pay by implementing a corporate credit card program.