Office & Facility Build Out

Finance 100% Of Your Office Expansion

Improving your office space can open the door to incredible new efficiencies within your organization. It can also be the source of significant expense. A leasing program with First American may be the advantageous alternative you seek. From tax savings benefits to project simplification, First American has adept experience in financing office renovations. We can provide customized solutions - from the straightforward purchase of computers and furniture to the complicated design and construction process of multifaceted, multi-location build-out projects.

Leasing Benefits

  • Improve Tax Efficiency
  • Distribute Costs Over Time
  • Finance 100% of Costs
  • Budget Consistency
  • Finance Costs From Multiple Vendors

Common Build Out Costs

  • Technology & Software
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Implementation Costs
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Servers

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