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Cyber Security >> Can IT Upgrades Diminish the Risk?

Cyber Security >> Can IT Upgrades Diminish the Risk?


Cyber criminals prey on known flaws in outdated technology to gain access to your critical data

Malicious security breaches affect individuals and organizations of all sizes, leading to hefty financial losses, unproductive downtime, and frustrated employees and clients.  When it comes to cyber security, the best defense is a good offense – which must include up-to-date hardware and software.

“Cyber risk is a moving threat agent,” said Manohar Ganshani, Partner and Global Practice Head of Governance Risk & Compliance for Wipro Consulting in the publication Cyber Warfare, Governance and the Art of War (2014).  “As cyber risks increase, there is no doubt hat your technology must be kept up to date.” 

Most organizations acquire I.T. equipment with the intention of replacing it in three or four years.  Unfortunately, I.T. replacement plans are often stifled by budgetary constraints, resulting in clients retaining equipment for far longer than they originally intended.  The risk associated with holding on to equipment – even for just an extra year or two – is that it becomes more susceptible to cyber security threats.

A recent survey[1] conducted by Wirpo Consulting found technology that is four or more years old was 53% more susceptible to suffering a data breach.  To ensure that the most up-to-date software and security is being used, technology equipment should be replaced on a disciplined three-year cycle.

A Plan for Affordable Security

Why a three-year cycle?  Shortening I.T. equipment refresh cycles means that up-to-date cyber attack prevention measures are in place. 

When you think about budgeting for this cycle, leasing can be helpful because you can think of your I.T. payments like you think of a utility payment: a consistent, low monthly payment – rather than an infrequent, huge budget spike.

Beyond that, leasing provides 100% financing, including software and services. 

[1] Wipo Consulting (2009).  “Wipro Consulting Service Survey”

Even though several techniques are being used, the cyber criminals are finding ways to overcome these and perform the malicious activities. I feel that the best way is to change the systems at regular intervals so that they cannot be able to access them.
4/21/2017 7:18:33 AM

Malicious security breaches affect individuals and organizations of all sizes - See more at: http://faenterprisefinance.com/Blog/Technical-Papers-Blog/April-2016-(1)/Cyber-Security-Can-IT-Upgrades-Diminish-the-Ris#sthash.xk6xJ88e.dpuf
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The dangers postured by phishing, human blunder and exercises, for example, web-based social networking utilization are similar in that they can be best tended to through a blend of preparing and innovation. While it might appear like the surest street to better security is exclusively through acquirement of specialized arrangements, individuals and process are basic to digital security system, particularly considering the commonness of mistake and the capacity for strategies, for example, phishing to slip past cutting edge resistances.
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Most associations obtain I.T gear with the expectation of supplanting it in three or four years. Sadly, I.T substitution arrangements are regularly smothered by budgetary imperatives, bringing about customers holding gear far longer than initially expected. The issue with clutching hardware notwithstanding for only an additional year or two is that it turns out to be more vulnerable to cyber security threats.
3/8/2017 5:23:30 AM

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The goal of supplant it in three or four years. Sadly, I.T. replacement preparations are often smother by budgetary limitations, bringing about customers holding gear.
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